Grace is a friendly church – very friendly! But there are steps you can take to really feel a part of things. These are some ways to connect with the church and build connections with others here.



With all that’s going on at Grace, Sunday morning worship services are still at the heart of how we gather. Make Sunday morning a priority. There you’ll find people like you who are looking for others with whom they can grow. And when you come, fill out a visitor card. It gives us a way to be in touch and get to know you better.

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On Sunday morning we hear from God and get to know him better. But during the week we gather in Life Groups where we can listen to one another and get to know each other better. It’s easy to get lost in a crowd but small groups are a place where everyone knows your name and friendships are forged.

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Getting to know people is usually a lot easier when you’re doing something together. Volunteering connects you with other people that share the same interests and passions that you have. We offer a wide variety of areas where you can serve.

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Commitment does something for a relationship. When a man and a woman say, “I do,” it changes things. And in the same way, when a person moves from a guest to a member, it sends a message to those around them that they’re not just passing through but can be counted on. In any church, membership is a vital part of developing healthy long-term relationships.

The process isn’t difficult. Contact Paul, our lead pastor ( to find out more.