Children seem to be born with dreams. Big dreams. But somewhere along the line, most people grow up and hit a wall called disillusionment and settle. They stop dreaming and life is never the same. Some people have had the same experience with church. The concept sounded wonderful but at some point the reality led to disappointment. The book of Acts portrays the history of the early church and sets us free to dream again. As we set aside our assumptions, I pray that we’ll be able to dream together about the fullness of the life that Jesus calls us to and the vision for the church that He died to establish. Imagine a new possible.

Imagine a New Possible

DEC 27, 2015  //  Acts 1:1-5  [outline]

On Point, Living a Life of Significance

JAN 03, 2016//  Acts 1:6-11 [outline]

Taking Risks to Make your Life Count

JAN 10, 2016  //  Acts 1:12-26 [outline]


Jan 17, 2016  //  Acts 2:1-13 [outline]

Real Healing

Jan 24, 2016  //  Acts 2:14-36 [outline]

When God Knocks at Your Heart

Jan 31, 2016  //  Acts 2:37-41 [outline]

Vintage Church

Feb 7, 2016  //  Acts 2:42-47 [outline]

Tears that Point to Jesus

Feb 14, 2016  //  Acts 3:1-10 [outline]

Times of Refreshing

Feb 21, 2016  //  Acts 3:11-26 [outline]

How to Listen when God Speaks

Feb 28, 2016  //  Acts 4:1-22 [outline]

Why Faith Matters

March 6, 2016  //  Acts 4:23-31 [outline]

How God Helps us Care

March 13, 2016  //  Acts 4:32-37 [outline]

Healing Hyprocrisy

March 20, 2016 // Acts 5:1-11 [outline]