It’s common for people to hit roadblocks in their lives and have a vague sense that the church could help, but wonder how. At Grace Baptist Church we want to help and have seen many people find lasting solutions to the challenges in their lives. But there is a path towards recovery.

These four steps form the foundation of the help that we offer.


Everything starts with Jesus

For some of us it began with a relational problem. For others a financial burden. And still others a health crisis. What we’ve found though is that these became windows that God used to help us see Jesus in a new way and experience the hope and salvation that he wants for each one of us.

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Someone who will listen

Most people take time to connect the dots between Jesus’ help and the issues that they’re facing. So we encourage people to attend one of our Sunday services where they can experience God’s presence and learn how the Bible relates to their life. At the end of each service, the pastor and his wife are available to talk and pray with you no matter what your problem is.

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The support that you need

Too many people struggle alone. But on our own we don’t have the wisdom, resources, or strength to deal with many of life’s tougher challenges. In the Bible one of the names given to the church is the family of God because people not only need God but also healthy family-like relationships to strengthen and sustain them. At Grace our Life Groups provide that support through small gatherings of people that come together weekly to encourage one another and apply the Bible to their lives.

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Opportunities to make a difference

Life doesn’t make sense with ME at the centre. And often when we’re trying to take steps toward wholeness, we hit a roadblock because we can’t stop fixating on our issues. As we take steps to get help ourselves, one of the healthiest things we can do is deliberately put our focus on others and look for ways to serve those in need. Grace provides a variety of volunteer opportunities that can help bring balance and perspective to your life.

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